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How Technology Changes the Advertising Business —

It used to be taking out an ad in the Sunday paper was the best way to advertise. Maybe a spot on the radio, a television commercial, or a magazine ad would be placed to advertise a major product or service. It is difficult to grasp sometimes, but today it is easy to reach every small town not only in America, but in the world. Advertising can instantly be a global endeavor with the internet so readily available worldwide. This fact alone has transformed the advertising industry.

Armed with consumer information, many companies are personalizing their advertising targeting certain groups through email and even zapping smart phones and Palm pilots. Without the help of specialized companies, many businesses can be left in the dust without some sophisticated internet help. Businesses must insure they have a viable presence online or they risk losing a major portion of their potential business.

SEO ( search engine optimization ) companies have found a ready audience with savvy businesses looking for a leg-up on the competition. There are many SEO companies listed on the internet, but one must be exceedingly careful to choose wisely a company with a strong background and a proven success record. One such company located in Memphis Tennessee is HigherVisibility. Their website at is quite extensive and listed as the most effective firm east of the Mississippi River.

Advertising to individual groups used to be done strictly by direct mail. Today, through email and texting services, it is quite possible to develop a captive audience by soliciting only those with a stated interest in your product or service. With the added expertise a company like Higher Visibility can bring to the internet, businesses can easily track their success and consumer interest.

Sports Technology Has Evolved —

Technology has brought about a dramatic change in the world of sports. Most people are now fully on the techno bandwagon as we have all witnessed how technology in sports can safeguard the fairness in many contests. It protects against bad decisions and eliminates many squabbles regarding match decisions by umpires, judges, refereeā€™s and officials. With the use of replay and laser vision, many tight calls can be verified and confirmed or over-ridden. Instant replay options maintain the integrity of the sport and still provide for a fair resolution.

In soccer matches, the prevalent problems of goal line conflicts, penalty decisions, off-sides, handballs and other crucial decisions are not easily confirmed by the use of technology. In the future, developers are discussing using special micro-chips in the ball to determine if it crosses a goal line.

Hawk-eye is new technology in the world of tennis. This concept provides computer-generated images of the movement of the ball by using sensors strategically played throughout the playing field. This aid to the referee safeguards a well-called games free of controversy.

Ball tracking technology in the world of golf has given the viewers a much better course perspective, especially concerning the flight of the ball. Replays of swings and determinations of putting trajectories adds a new dimension to watching this sport as it is televised over an entire course.

Timing and speed calculations are now a matter of science and technology that gives the Olympics a new aura of respectability. It used to be a function of what country the judges were from that determined certain sports results. It is now much easier to collectively make wiser decisions based on new technology and instant replays.

Even baseball is getting into this field in a big way. We now know how many miles per hour each pitcher throws the ball. We can follow computer generated images to determine if a ball is fair or foul.

Technology in sports may be new, but it will not go away. The fans have determined in almost all sports that technology is here to stay.

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